MIT CDO Round Table

The Chief Data/Digital Officer (CDO) is a growing role in modern organizations to lead their company’s journey to strategically use data for regulatory compliance, performance optimization, and competitive advantage. The MIT CDO Program recognizes the emerging criticality of the CDO’s role and has developed a series of events where leaders come for bi-directional sharing and collaboration to accelerate identification and establishment of best practices in strategic data management.

The MIT CDO Round Table had its inaugural meeting in 2014 with more than twenty CDOs and de-facto CDOs. In 2015, we had 35 attendees, and we are continuing to grow.

Objective: The Round Table’s key objective is to share strategy and tactics in a non-competitive climate where participants can leverage their collective experiences to accelerate and deepen the investment their organization is making to mature the CDO function in the following ways: develop strategies that CDOs can use to win executive support, define management, and technical issues that CDOs should address, provide guidelines that help an enterprise adopt the CDO role and disciplines, elaborate opportunities for CDOs to engage business units, and consider guidelines to help CDOs assure their tactical and strategic success.

Towards this objective, the Round Table seeks to:

  • Gather experienced, senior-level practicing CDOs and de-facto CDOs to create new knowledge by sharing their success stories and lessons learned in a closed setting.
  • Review & report on the trends of the Chief Data Officer; understand the market pulse of CDO practice.
  • Foster a community of CDOs from across the globe who can also contribute their ideas, experiences and results in order to expand the impact of the CDO – by CDOs, for CDOs, to CDOs, and from CDOs.

Participants: The contributions of Round Table participants enable the MIT CDO Research team to accumulate a rigorous and relevant body of knowledge through the MIT CDO Longitudinal Study. The support and collaboration from leaders in industry, government, and academia are critical for distilling important insights and advancing CDO practice. MIT defines the CDOs broadly as those with an official CDO title and those performing CDO functions w/o the CDO title. Within this context, Round Table participants include:

  • Official title Chief Data Officers
  • Data champions who do not hold the official CDO title
  • Key members in their company’s data practice
  • Chief Digital Officers and Chief Data Scientists

MIT CDO Longitudinal Study: We have been conducting the MIT Longitudinal Study on the Chief Data Officer and hosting events for senior executives to advance CDO research and practice. We have published research results in leading academic journals, as well as the proceedings of the MIT CDO Forum, MIT CDOIQ Symposium, and the International Conference on Information Quality (ICIQ). For example, we have developed a three-dimensional cubic framework to describe the emerging role of the Chief Data Officer in context of Big Data (Lee et al. 2014. MIS Quarterly Executive: 13(1):1-13). We have also reported on the establishment and practices of CDOs (Session 9D Summary, MIT 2014 CDOIQ Symposium).

Sponsorship: The MIT CDO Round Table has been supported by the MIT CDO Longitudinal Research Program, and in part by the MIT Sloan School of Management and the International Conference on Information Quality. In order to be self-sustaining in the long term, we are also seeking additional sponsors for the Round Table.

Contact: CDOs are encouraged to contact Dr. Richard Wang (, Director of MIT CDOIQ Program for more information about attending or sponsoring the Round Table.